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The learning curve [20 Dec 2001|03:52am]
Hey.. does anyone know of a decent way to learn the structures of all of the Amino Acids out there?? I have been to lazy to study, and must learn them all by friday at 9am..

Any websites or something?
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The death of the petrolium componys [20 Dec 2001|11:05pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I thought this was rather interesting... my adviser in the chemistry departmen here at Uiowa was talking about this.

apparently the only thing hold us back from being able to mass produce a hydrogen powered car is finding a design for a hydrogen storage tank that can hold compressed hydrogen and be safe durring an accident and not cause an explotion. How i see it, once this happens, we will have two kinds of hydrogen powered cars... high energy, low efficentcy *(excuse my spelling... there is a reason why i am not an english major)* or high efficentcy, low power vehicals. One would work similarly to a normal internal combusition engien, but with a few modifications. In theory, this type of fuel for a combustion engein would produce more power than a gas powered one. The other would work on a hydrogen-oxygen electric fuel cell, which would not produse as much power as the combustion engien, however would be much much more effecent. And, the byproduct of these reactions will be water... the exost from gas powered cars would be replaced with water vapor. And im betting that you are all asking "where in the world are we going to get all this hydrogen gas? its not like we have oceans full of it!" however... hydrogen gas can be produced by simple electrolosis of... (drum roll please) WATER. So the fuel would produce water as a byproduct/exost, and we would attaine the fuel from the byproduct... im not seein a down side here! :)

just thought i would share... studying for my organic chem exam is driving me batty

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