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And why do I find this amusing [25 Oct 2001|01:12am]
As a Geology major and possibly an archaeology minor I find this a little amusing. Perhaps its because I know people this stupid? Maybe dinosaurs were just masses of skelaton with no skin (actually there is proof now they were feathered from rock foosils in China and Mexico quite an amazing thought if you think about it. ) Maybe its just because I'm tired. And if you have never heard of the onion you should check it out or get off your computer and use it to prove Newton's laws of motion.
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my favorite topic. (just the thing for late nights for which i cant sleep !) [25 Oct 2001|01:27am]
Are birds and Dinosaurs related?
and because I'm a geo geek and decided to back myself up.
There are questions about the authenticity of the above fossil but I think there is a lot of other evidence that speaks for itself.

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Just In Time For Christmas! [25 Oct 2001|11:43pm]

Infectious Awareables

Boxer shorts, ties, scrubs, etc. with patterns featuring your favorite microorganism(s). Giardia lamblia is always particularly cute, but check out the Ebola ties!
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