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Magnetism [18 Jul 2001|06:53pm]
--- In ScienceThoughts@y..., abdalian37@y... wrote:
> infact origin of magnetic field is not known....
> origin of electric field is known....
> i have no time to explain will somebody do it....
> if no then ill do it after 1 week....
> --- In ScienceThoughts@y..., Jeffrey Kochanski <kochanskij@u...>
> wrote:
> > Whenever the magnetic flux (invisible magnetic field lines) that
> pass through
> > a coil of wire vary with time, an electric current is set up in the
> wire. The
> > magnitude of this current depends on the strength of the magnetic
> field, how
> > fast the coil is moving or rotating, and the resistance of the
> wire. Ampere's
> > Law describes this precisely and mathematically.
> >
> > So rotating a loop of wire on the earth will produce a small
> current in the
> > wire. But the earth's magnetic field is too weak to use this method
> to produce
> > electricity for our use.
> >
> > I must disagree with Gary, who said magnetism is not well
> understood. On the
> > contrary, Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism precisely explain
> all
> > electric and magnetic phenomena. Quantum electrodynamics describes
> > electromagnetic fields at the quantum level. I believe
> electromagnetism is the
> > best understood force. Quantum field descriptions of the strong
> nuclear force
> > have mathematical problems that are hard to get around. And Gravity
> is the
> > least understood force. We currently have no quantum field theory
> of gravity
> > at all.
> >
> >
> > Gary Droit <gdroit@y...> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, it's too weak.
> > That's why in generators, they add some powerful
> > permanent magnets.
> >
> > Just as an aside, I don't think magnetism is all that
> > well understood.
> >
> >
> >
> >
The practical application of electricity and magnetism is well
established. What is not established is a proven theory; but that is
because there is no way to prove a theory. There are sufficient
explanations to convince many scientists and science students that they
understand (for instance) magnetism. Good for them! I prefer another
theory of my own devising.

Neither electricity nor magnetism is a thing in itself. Magnetic
phenomena are due entirely to the motion of charges. Charge is a
characteristic of a fundamental particle. There is no way to explain
characteristics of particles. The motion of charged particles is
electric current. That which is called field is abstract.

A charged particle does not have a field. A single particle does not
push or pull anything. Two or more particles exert force upon each
other. The strength of the force changes when the distance between
particles changes. The difference between electricity and magnetism is
that moving particles have complicated responses that are the magnetic
effects, which do not occur when charges are not moving.

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"We are finite creatures, bound to this place and time, and helpless before
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-David Berlinski, "Tour of the Calculus"
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