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Leave It To NASA [02 Jun 2001|03:19am]
Well, it's an interesting idea: Jellyplants On Mars
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Eternal Life Can Be Yours! [02 Jun 2001|03:33am]
Well, maybe. Alex Chiu has an...eccentric...world view, but if he's RIGHT (and far be it from me to dismiss ANYONE as a crank) I may finally have time to read eveything in my "to be read" pile. Link his page to YOUR website and you may be eligible for an "Immortality Ring." Woo-HOO!
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If You Build It, They Will Glow! [02 Jun 2001|03:42am]
Hey! The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is sponsoring a Design A Plutonium Memorial contest!
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Build Your Own Reactor! [02 Jun 2001|08:35pm]
Well, not really, but SOMEONE did! See the Harper's article for details and keep a closer watch on your 15-yr. old.
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