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Artificial Brain [16 Apr 2001|01:30pm]
MOSCOW, April 15 (AFP) -
Russian scientists claimed Sunday to have developed the first artificial
brain, a "neuro-computer" with the same intellectual potential as its human
counterpart, Interfax reported.

The new Russian computer is based on the brain cell, or neuron, and outstrips
previous brain models by using state-of-the-art findings in neurophysiology
and neuromorphology to produce a truly thinking machine, scientist Vitaly
Valtsev said.

But he warned of the potential hazards of the scientific breakthrough, saying
the brand new brain could turn into a Frankenstein's monster if it was

"This machine needs to be trained like a newborn child. It's extremely
important for us to make it a friend, not a criminal or an enemy," Valtsev

Valtsev, a member of the International Academy of Information Science, told
Interfax that Russian scientists succeeded where others had failed because
they used a model of the neuron of the brain in building the computer.

Earlier attempts to create an artificial intelligence had failed because
scientists had tried to create a smart machine using a model of the neuron of
the spinal cord developed back in the 1940s.
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