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Hmmm [13 Feb 2001|09:50pm]
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Allow me.

Let's consider Time.

We would like to view events which occurred in the past. So much of the past is a mystery, you know?

To "view," one might have to capture light from an object which is "long gone."

Yet time theory says the past is *not* gone.

It's still there, right where it was. It is our "attention" which has shifted. Due to the manner in which memory is formed.

No, Time is not the fourth dimension, it is a thing which requires four dimensions in order to exist. Like motion.

So. To find a sensor which can "pick up" in the reverse direction along the "time flow."

One of the problems involved is motion. The earth, the solar system, and the galaxy are in constant motion, not staying in the same "place."

Therefore one would have to be able to "focus" on a moving spot in space, not on where the earth is now.

Tick, tick, tick....
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