What is life?

Since September i've been working on a project. I have neglected posting about it here because i wanted to really dig in and understand it myself before i felt ready to share or debate.

Basically I want to redefine what we consider to be alive as our reasons for excluding what most consider "inanimate objects" just doesn't make sense to me and I would argue don't make sense even according to our current ideas of what is alive. It also solves the question of when did life "arise" on the planet as its always been here, just in a way that is different than what we think of as life. The earth itself is alive, so instead of there being this almost mystical change over from "inanimate matter" into "life" we have simply an evolution from one form of life to another, molecules into single cell organisms. It makes a lot more sense science usually prefers the simpler explanation.

Anway i've done a lot of writing and a lot more thinking on the subject and most of it is posted on my blog which I welcome you to read, comment on and question with me.

Academic role models

Advice on FPLC systems

Hi everybody!
We are thinking of getting an FPLC system for our teaching laboratory so that students can learn how to purify proteins. We've narrowed our choices down to either the Bio-Rad BioLogic LP System or the GE Healthcare's AKTA Explorer . Have any of you used either of these two systems, and if so, what did you think of them? Which would you recommend for a teaching lab? Which is better for durability, ease of use, lack of breakdowns and ease of repair or upgrade?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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“Radio-cooked Toast Never Tastes Burned, Even If Black”


RADIO cooking is the latest stunt developed by broadcast engineers. If a hot lunch is wanted by the operators in a transmitting station, all they have to do is place their food between the electrodes of the transmitter. In a few moments it will be done to a turn. Bread may be toasted in six seconds, but steak and potatoes take several minutes. Oddly enough, food overdone by cooking on the radio transmitter does not have a burned taste. Toast can be charred black without tasting in any way different from the kind a cook would be proud to serve. Engineers are not quite sure just why this is so, but believe it is because the cooking is done by the electric discharge and the electrodes get only slightly warm.



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So, would it be OK to discuss the TV show Fringe in this community every now and then? Dr Bishop is very quickly becoming my mad scientist role model, and I find that the "science" in the show, while highly questionable, is interesting to speculate about.