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Movie Night

Last night I took my sons to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was a fun, exciting movie - as long as I kept my brain shut off. Tricky for me. I always want to analyze things. When I went to see Riverdance in Boston I had the same problem. I spent the first five or ten minutes just trying to shut down the analytical parts of my brain and simply enjoy the show.

Anyway, we had fun at the movie and then "discussing" it all the way back home. It's been a long time since I got home after midnight. Only sour note was getting hit with lower intestinal distress on the way home. Hard to find an emergency pit stop that late. Barrington to Newmarket where Eric lives (with a stop in Durham because I've got a key to the building where I work), then home to Somersworth. Feeling a little better this morning.
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